NEW YORK - Cecilia Suárez and Vandana Hart showcase #HerStoryOurStory — Spotlight’s interactive game at the SDG Media Zone

Ariel Award and Emmy International nominated Mexican actress Cecilia Suárez and Host and Creator of Netflix series “We Speak Dance” Vandana Hart premiered the Spotlight Initiative’s new interactive digital game called #HerStoryOurStory at the SDG Media Zone of the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly.

#HerStoryOurStory is a digital game designed to raise public awareness about violence against women and girls. The campaign highlights the themes prioritised in the Spotlight Initiative, such as child marriage, domestic violence and human trafficking. The game targets youth and uses hypothetical problem-solving scenarios that put players in the shoes of bystanders, friends and relatives.

Spotlight Champions Cecilia Suárez and Vandana Hart performed a live demonstration of the game. They also shared ideas on how the arts and creativity can play a role in eliminating violence against women and girls.

“Coming from a country where there is a severe problem with violence against women, I am grateful that this app is being launched. - Cecilia Suárez

“Using an app like this and having parents talk with their children about the issue of violence against women is very profound,” said Vandana Hart.

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