Compendium of Innovative and Good Practices and Lessons Learned

April 2024

The Compendium of Innovative and Good Practices and Lessons Learned presents the programmatic learning and impact generated by the implementation of Spotlight Initiative from 2018 to 2023.

It documents Spotlight Initiative’s unique approach in operating and delivering comprehensive and rights-based programmes on ending violence against women and girls. Presenting a suite of more than 50 case studies across six outcome areas and cross-cutting themes, the Compendium provides policymakers and practitioners with knowledge that is innovative, high-impact, sustainable and localized.

Read the Compendium

  1. Introduction and methodology
  2. Case studies on laws, institutions and prevention
  3. Case studies on services, data and women's movements
  4. Lessons Learned and Conclusion
  5. Compendium summary
  6. Full compendium (189 MB)

The development of the Compendium involved a participatory process. The Compendium draws on existing tools, research, and the expertise and contributions of Spotlight Initiative programmes. It presents a critical source of information and evidence for designing and implementing programmes that can be replicated and scaled-up widely to drive progress not only on Goal 5: Gender Equality, but across all the Sustainable Development Goals.


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